September 2018

SpaceX Is Working On The Big Falcon Rocket - Part 2 of 5 Parts

Part 2 of 5 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)
       SpaceX says that when all the components and tests have been completed, the rocket will carry the spacecraft above the Earth and then detach itself to fly back to Earth for inspection and refueling. The spacecraft will fire its engines and achieve Earth orbit. The president of SpaceX says that this might happen as early as 2020.

Just go awa

Mr Obama. Why won't you just go away and let Presisent Trump have his turn. We let you have your turn. Now it is his turn. He has already done more for this country in his short time than you did in 8 years You Need to treat people the way you would like to be treated. I will pray. For you that you will let God change your heart I would like you to be saved in Heaven

Nuclear Reactors 619 - U.S. Department of Commerce Is Investigating Charges Of Unfair Competition In U.S. Uranium Fuel

       Nuclear power is supported by a global network of companies supplying technology, services and fuel to the operators of nuclear power plants. When there are trade disputes between nations, sometimes this can have an effect on companies that run nuclear power plants in the U.S. Recently, the U.S. has been imposing tariffs on imports and has been hit with reciprocal tariffs on U.S. goods being exported.

Nuclear Weapons 357 - Is Mutually Assured Destruction Still A Good Policy For Nuclear Weapons


Image of cloud for nuclear attack on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945

       The threat of nuclear war has been in the news a lot in the past few years. Russia has been rattling their nuclear saber by flying nuclear bombers over other countries and sailing nuclear subs into the territorial waters of other countries without permission. The Iran deal was supposed to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but the U.S. pulled out of the deal.

Venice to Ban Booze?

Many areas hope to increase tourism in order to generate more revenue, but not Venice. Venice has plenty of tourists. Venice has so many tourists, in fact, that they are thinking about banning booze just to get rid of them. The problem, it should be noted, is not tourism itself, but the rowdy drunk tourists who act like fools in the streets and disrupt everybody's daily life.

Habitat Protection for Frogs

Humans might act like we have the right of way when it comes to the traffic of life, but we certainly weren't here first and just because we can flush a toilet doesn't mean we deserve real estate more than any other critter who walks, slithers or hops across the planet. The Supreme Court is about to hear a case not pushing for frog protection but for protections be revoked in Louisiana and Mississippi.