November 2018

Radioactive Waste 358 - Contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory Site Near Los Angeles Is Burning


Aerial photo of Santa Susana Field Laboratory site in Simi Hills:

        The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities in the Southern California Simi Hills in Simi Valley, California. Liquid-propellant rocket engines were developed on this site for the U.S. space program from 1949 to 2006. Research on nuclear reactors was carried out here between 1953 and 1980. A U.S.

Tie-Dye Methods

With the holidays coming up, many of us are turning to Grateful Dead merch for our loved ones, but what if we went a little more personal this year? In honor of the Dead, we could each tie-dye our own item to give with a personal touch. The benefits of this aren't limited to personalization, either; you can pick out just the right item for the person you're making it for, like a bag, bandana, t-shirt or hat. The question is, how will you tie-dye?


I was discriminating aganist on my job.I worked there as a Supervisor for 3 1/3 yrs.I have 17 yrs. experience as a Superisor.
The G C A loft the contract in June 37,2018.The new company,The Budd Group Cleaning Service took over the contract on July 2,2018.On May 1,2918 zi was offers the Supervisor Job by the District Manager Ronne told me he is not going to get rid of no one.He is going to keep every one.Ronnie also said for me(Charlena) to get the ones who were fired by the G C A and tell them to go put the application in online and I was given cards with their web site on it.I was given the shirt and the hat that the Supervisor wear.On June 28,2018 Bradd Anderson walk to me and told me I do not have a job with them.Bradf said the Human Resource at the Citafel Military College here in Charleston South Carolina.Bradd said they told him that they do not want me working out here.I called the Human Resource on the Campus.Kindra tod me that they do not get involve with the Contractors.They can hire any one who they want.Kindra said there is nothing on me out there why I can’t work there.Kindra said he not to stop this foolishness.U told her Wally who works for the Citadel tod me the same thing to call Human Resoyrce.Wally is the person from the Citadel who hires the Contractir to clean the Citadel.Walky told me a list was sent over from G C A the old company who I worked for.Wally said my name and Ms.Jiesphine Bell was on the list for not to rehire.I never saw the list.I ask Eally to reconsider.I ask him to let me work st Campus.Wally said ok,I will let you work but I cannot Let Bell Stay. Walky said Bell was staying on the campus.Walky said Charlena it’s the age.
Bell was hired but not me (Charlena).When I Ask Bradd Anderson why he did not hire me,Bradd said I burnt bridges out there and things were said.Ray who is also the manager told me the same thing.I was the Supervisor for the old company and The Budd Hroup choose 3 guys from the old contract to be the supervisor.All both of them are younger than me and have less experience than I have.Bradd Anderson went to Public Safety On me and file a burgulary Report On me
over a table that did not belongs to him.The table was find by me in May 2018.Itvwas sitting by the trash can outside.I thought the table was being thrown away.Bradd Anderson did not took the contract over until July 1,2918.I text him and informed him that Zi will come and pick the table up as soon as I get a truck.I alsobinfirmed with a text messages that I came and pick the table up.He should have call me if he wanted the table but he did not say anything.Captain Odom call me and told me to come on campus and talk with him I did.Odim said Bradd wanted him to press charges on me .Odom said he told Bradd he is not pressing any charges on me because a mistake was made. I never worked for the new company.Bradd had no right to file a report on me.Two of his workers who are his Supervisors lied on the report.

I would like to have something done about this.

Charlena Singleton
843 822 1403
My email.

Czech Researchers Develop New Method To Produce Nanodiamonds For Disease Diagnosis

       Petr Cígler from the Czech Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB Prague) and Martin Hrubý from the Czech Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (IMC) recently led a group of researchers in the development of a new method of the cheap and easy creation of irradiated nanodiamonds and other nanomaterials.

Nuclear Weapons 363 - China Is Considering The Use Of AI Technology For Nuclear Weapons Systems

Chinese -Emblem_of_People's_Liberation_Army_Rocket_Force.png

Peoples Liberation Army Rocket Force logo

        In 2010, the U.S. issued the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review of U.S. nuclear policy. This review linked China and Russia as potential major threats and provided detail of the U.S. development of missile defense systems and conventional prompt global strike (CPGS) systems.

Nuclear Weapons 362 - First Domestically Constructed Indian Nuclear Sub Goes On Patrol


Artist’s concept of the Indian Arihant by Gagan.

       India just announced that the first nuclear submarine manufactured in India has just completed what they call a “deterrence patrol.” This means that India now has a triad of delivery systems that will allow them to launch nuclear weapons from land, sea, and air.