April 2019

Nuclear Weapons 371 - Nuclear Bombs As Defense Against Asteroid Impacts

       The primary use for nuclear bombs is destruction of an enemy in a conflict. There have been attempts since World War II to find peaceful uses such as digging canals and fracking for natural gas but none of them turned out to practical and safe. There is a new peaceful use of nuclear warheads that has been tossed around for a few decades, but we have not had an opportunity to test such a use.

Fermentation in the Kitchen

Fermentation is an incredible process to me. I have friends who make everything from their own kombucha to their own kefir in the kitchen, and while I've tried my own hand at some of these methods I still have to tip my hat to the dedication and effort required to create these incredible good-for-you brews that not only save money but keep you and your family in good health. 

The Impact of Kavanaugh

You know what? It probably won't surprise you. Does anything surprise anyone after the age of 8 anymore? But studies show that Republicans who viewed the Kavanaugh hearings are experiencing the "Kavanaugh effect," which translates to them believing women less and engaging in more sexism as a result of the trial! This is absolutely outrageous. Will these people ever consider women equal to men?

Rediscovered Extinct Animals

How weird is it when we cross of a species of animal as extinct only to be proven wrong years later? We keep hearing stories like these and it makes me want to go Inigo Montoya on some scientists: You keep using that word, extinct, but I don't think it means what you think it means. It's a nice surprise to find out when we're wrong about these animals!

Orange Cake

While I'm not a huge fan of adding a lot of citrus to savory foods, I love me some citrus cake and desserts. The other day I had a lemon-blueberry bar that was pretty much Heaven in your mouth, and I will always love orange-chocolate flavor combinations. Both are my favorite flavors of ice cream/gelato, too.